01 Hack/Play: Let’s Start Playing The Game!

02 Specialized Generalists

03 The fall and rise of Dutch design

04 AIGA's Design Envy features Letterlab

05 little BIG TYPE SAYS MORE, boxed

06 ED Award for Exhibition design!

07 Design in Rotterdam 1988-2013

08 Design’s Social Pledge

09 Blended Published


11 Two Nominations ED Awards 2013!

12 Graduation Show ’12 Up Close Wide Open

13 Digitizing Contemporary Art

14 Sometimes Six is just not enough

15 It’s Design in the Game

16 Curators at Design Academy

17 ED Award for Slow Art!

18 EYE Film Institute + DAE

19 My love is not a joke

20 Goose Hunt in Museum Hilversum

21 It’s art in the game!

22 design platform rotterdam essays

23 New Pocketknife LP Canyon Dancing 2

24 Stereohype B.I.O. Series #10

25 Benguiat Tribute for NWAT design festival

26 the first typonine type specimen

27 Chinese Abstract ‘Slow’ Art published

28 Ed Benguiat record single

29 Lecture for pdp conference, Serbia

30 The Role of Women in Design

31 ED Award for Artistic catalogue

32 VROAAM lecture & portfolio review

33 Lecture for Romeo Delta/BNO

34 Efteling Radio + DAE

35 european design awards x2

36 Fantastische Fotografie

37 world expo 2010 shanghai

38 étapes Magazine features Letterlab

39 Design Walks ED Festival

40 Letterlab Seasonal Poster Series

41 Lecture for BNO Spellbound

42 TDC honor and ADCN nomination

43 Print Magazine Master class

44 Frank Havermans NAI Book Launch

45 design initiatief’s future telling

46 Letterlab Commercial Airs on National TV

47 Letterlab Exhibition on Typography opens

48 Blurrr/TENT.10 ID & exhibition design

49 TDC Numbers Contribution

50 Facing China Catalogue published

51 Custom Typographic Installation in Soho

52 Collaboration with poet Tsead Bruinja

53 1 workshop and 3 lectures in Croatia

54 Platform 21 = Joyriding

55 Tambourine Dream, FF03

56 Visual Rhetoric of the Supreme Being

57 GreyTones spread and exhibition

58 Vive le Papier Electronique poster

59 Tougher than Featherz, FF02

60 Designprijs Rotterdam

61 Made with FontFont Cover & End Pages

62 Tokyo Chat airs on NHK in Japan

63 Ruffle Yo Featherz, FF01

64 BIG TYPE SAYS MORE at Museum Boijmans

65 VIDE workshop web teaser

66 Red Dot Award for LYWH

67 Yesterday, I lost my Helvetica, lecture

68 Real Dutch Design 0607

69 Rotten Cocktails LP by Boy Robot

70 Channel Push Breakin video for Hifana DVD

71 Typographic Tool ‘Punkt’ released

72 2+3D Interview and cover design

73 New workshops, lectures & research

74 VisCom published The New Typographers

75 Little Yellow Writing Hood

76 Guest designers for Items Magazine

77 Strange Attractors ADC Young Guns 4!

78 Dutch Design 2004-2005

79 Brunn Judge’s Choice TDC2 2004

80 Recognition for catalogue design

81 Cranbrook Graduate Catalogue, Transit

82 Cranbrook Masters Catalogue Redesign

83 Cranbrook Video Festival Poster

84 Hey Dutchie! Poster

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Ed Benguiat
record single

Music for Type Legends Record Single for TypeRadio

Using a few of Ed's signature typefaces, we designed this record sleeve for Typeradio's Music for Type Legends. The single contains two compositions by Jacq Palinckx.
(A) Alphabet With Drum Solo (2:21) and
(B) Gothic Alphabet With Organ Solo (2:50)

(The following text is by Typeradio) “After years in the making, the Type Legends box was finally published. Type Legends? Yes, Typeradio thought it would be a good idea to interview four persons who influenced their lives and the (typo-)graphic design field in general: Wim Crouwel, Ed Benguiat, Adrian Frutiger and Gerrit Noordzij. Living legends if you'd ask the good people from Typeradio. They extensively talked to them for this series, but that wasn't enough. Typeradio thought that they would wrong them by simply publishing these interviews online and felt this was a perfect moment to honour these legends with a special publication.   After we interviewed the four legends, every interview was handed over to a different band. Each band – Supercity, The Walt, Legowelt & Jac Palinckx – composed and recorded two songs for this legend, based on the interview. These songs are now published as vinyl records. The record sleeves are designed by four different graphic designers who all have a connection with each legend. Dutchman Erik van Blokland designed the sleeve for Gerrit Noordzij’s music, Swiss Büro Destruct for Adrian Frutiger, Strange Attractors for Ed Benguiat and the Amsterdam based Experimental Jetset created the cover for Wim Crouwel. Last but not least the American curator and writer Ellen Lupton wrote a fictional essay on these four legends. ‘Four Typographers walked into a Bar’ describes a hilarious meeting between the four gentlemen.   This Type Legends box was presented at 2 September 2011 at the Now we are talking Festival in The Hague. This super relaxed Typeradio event – composed of workshops, talks, music, films, surfing, camping & love – took place at an extravaganza location at a Dutch beach pavillion.”  


Typeradion on fire

Jacq Palinckx


Now We Are Talking Festival

NWAT Festival overwhelming success

Now We Are Talking, type and design festival

Clip 1

Clip 2