01 Hack/Play: Let’s Start Playing The Game!

02 Specialized Generalists

03 The fall and rise of Dutch design

04 AIGA's Design Envy features Letterlab

05 little BIG TYPE SAYS MORE, boxed

06 ED Award for Exhibition design!

07 Design in Rotterdam 1988-2013

08 Design’s Social Pledge

09 Blended Published


11 Two Nominations ED Awards 2013!

12 Graduation Show ’12 Up Close Wide Open

13 Digitizing Contemporary Art

14 Sometimes Six is just not enough

15 It’s Design in the Game

16 Curators at Design Academy

17 ED Award for Slow Art!

18 EYE Film Institute + DAE

19 My love is not a joke

20 Goose Hunt in Museum Hilversum

21 It’s art in the game!

22 design platform rotterdam essays

23 New Pocketknife LP Canyon Dancing 2

24 Stereohype B.I.O. Series #10

25 Benguiat Tribute for NWAT design festival

26 the first typonine type specimen

27 Chinese Abstract ‘Slow’ Art published

28 Ed Benguiat record single

29 Lecture for pdp conference, Serbia

30 The Role of Women in Design

31 ED Award for Artistic catalogue

32 VROAAM lecture & portfolio review

33 Lecture for Romeo Delta/BNO

34 Efteling Radio + DAE

35 european design awards x2

36 Fantastische Fotografie

37 world expo 2010 shanghai

38 étapes Magazine features Letterlab

39 Design Walks ED Festival

40 Letterlab Seasonal Poster Series

41 Lecture for BNO Spellbound

42 TDC honor and ADCN nomination

43 Print Magazine Master class

44 Frank Havermans NAI Book Launch

45 design initiatief’s future telling

46 Letterlab Commercial Airs on National TV

47 Letterlab Exhibition on Typography opens

48 Blurrr/TENT.10 ID & exhibition design

49 TDC Numbers Contribution

50 Facing China Catalogue published

51 Custom Typographic Installation in Soho

52 Collaboration with poet Tsead Bruinja

53 1 workshop and 3 lectures in Croatia

54 Platform 21 = Joyriding

55 Tambourine Dream, FF03

56 Visual Rhetoric of the Supreme Being

57 GreyTones spread and exhibition

58 Vive le Papier Electronique poster

59 Tougher than Featherz, FF02

60 Designprijs Rotterdam

61 Made with FontFont Cover & End Pages

62 Tokyo Chat airs on NHK in Japan

63 Ruffle Yo Featherz, FF01

64 BIG TYPE SAYS MORE at Museum Boijmans

65 VIDE workshop web teaser

66 Red Dot Award for LYWH

67 Yesterday, I lost my Helvetica, lecture

68 Real Dutch Design 0607

69 Rotten Cocktails LP by Boy Robot

70 Channel Push Breakin video for Hifana DVD

71 Typographic Tool ‘Punkt’ released

72 2+3D Interview and cover design

73 New workshops, lectures & research

74 VisCom published The New Typographers

75 Little Yellow Writing Hood

76 Guest designers for Items Magazine

77 Strange Attractors ADC Young Guns 4!

78 Dutch Design 2004-2005

79 Brunn Judge’s Choice TDC2 2004

80 Recognition for catalogue design

81 Cranbrook Graduate Catalogue, Transit

82 Cranbrook Masters Catalogue Redesign

83 Cranbrook Video Festival Poster

84 Hey Dutchie! Poster

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Efteling Radio

The Man and Communication Department of the DAE works with Efteling Radio

Amusement park, ‘De Efteling’ approached the Man and Communication Department of the Design Academy in Eindhoven to develop new concepts for the programming of their radio station ‘Efteling Radio’.

Efteling Radio targets children between the ages of 3 and 7 and primarily uses the world of fairy tales as a broad theme, which is also the focus of the physical amusement park. As a method of development, we created a series of workshops, each containing specific exercises intended to guide research and frame the exploration.   This publication was produced to visualize the entire scope of the project. Instead of solely focusing on the end results, it pays special attention to the process. The dual record sleeve holds a process book in one side and a book documenting the final student concepts presented to the client in the other. A DVD with slide shows, movies and sound clips created by the students is also included in this catalogue as an additional platform for work from the project. (The custom lettering was handmade by a 6 year old who didn't think twice about using French provincial wallpaper as her canvas.)   Project details   “As a method of development, we created a series of workshops, each containing specific exercises intended to guide research and frame the exploration.   Initially we focussed on the interpretation and abstraction of sound formally, exploring ways to communicate the experience of sound. The inquiry progressed from basic formal abstraction to conceptualizing a systematic tool or generative process with which we could understand sound in alternative manner. The final iteration was a refined composition or structure exhibiting evidence of a framework, with which the experience of sound could be translated and/or abstracted.   The following exercise objectified the experience of sound. Students were asked to select one found object and one short sound which when combined could produce a new and surprising understanding. Exploring this new meaning or understanding became the communicational objective of the next step, which required the creation of a new object, or the modification a pre-existing one. The final step defined the audience as children aged 3-7, requiring an appropriate context and communicational approach.   The final segment of the project analyzed the concept then clarified the messaging and context through a number of iterations. Presentation approaches were carefully considered and customized to highlight the each proposal individually.”


Design Academy Eindhoven